Berryz Seven, Solo San

Happy 7th Anniversary Berryz Koubou, I am glad to have spent the days to celebrate with you. For me, it’s been a bit over three years since I’ve fallen in love with Berryz and Japanese music in general, and to put forth that this discovery changed my life is something I can say without hesitation. I’ve also been blogging over the past three years, although sparingly, it’s been fun sharing my stories and opinions on something I am so passionate about.

A big thanks to all of those who made this trip possible. To say that I had a great time would be an understatement. Once again, the wota, friends, the staff, everyone involved, thank you.

Berryz Koubou's Seventh Year Anniversary; 8Shot

Berryz Koubou's Seventh Year Anniversary; 8Shot

The photo makes sense with that little bit of a background tied to it, tho I was told that Berryz themselves were a little bit puzzled by the 3 finger pose. This is where things kicked off, after early morning meet up and a five or so hour bus ride to Izu, we were taken to an orchard estate on top of a very large, steep hill. Berryz greeted us and we had a toast to start before going in to get our pictures taken. Berryz looked stunning in their dresses, I felt a bit underdressed actually, as did others, but no matter. As with Hawaii, Chinami takes a spot right behind me, I think the photo turned out well.

Later that evening we’d check into our hotels and have dinner before heading out to the live concert. In the morning we did some strawberry picking, a special gift to Berryz. Followed up was a group shot along with some fun interaction with the girls and then moving on to the fan meeting where things would wrap up with a handshake. I had an excellent time meeting my girls again.


For the tour photosets, Captain had on some huge glasses. Cute, but kinda dorky, haha. Her longer hair also contributes to a new look of sorts.

Captain put together the live concert, which had a looser feel than usual, which is part of what made it great. One thing I like about Berryz is their lack of perfection. These types of events, really give a feeling, however slight, that you really are getting to know the girls and not just some actor of sorts. It was nice to see Captain, kinda more leadery, but still having a lot of fun.


Momo was the same as always. She’s really a unique kind of idol, and as I’ve said before it seems people either love her or tire of it. I just say keep on keepin’ on Momo. After the group shot, because Risako was feeling sick that morning, Momo had her own little interaction session alone. She really has a personality and presence that can stand on it’s own, yet works well in the groups she’s in. She gave me a cute and animated handshake, as if she was genuinely happy to see me.


Lucky number 7. Wow. There’s so much I could say, but as I’ve done in the past, I’ll try and exercise some constraint, heh. After the group shot, we were led into some rooms where groups of Berryz would come and give us a little presentation / interaction along with prizes to a select few. Maasa and Chinami came together, my two favorite Berryz mind you. At the end of their presentation, Chinami revealed what their prize would be. Chii had specially decorated an item, a bag of, ah, I already forgot what it’s called. Some tomato looking stuff you can put on curry &c.

Gift from Chii to Me

Gift from Chii to Me

To reward the prize, Chinami picked a random seat. She turned around and said she’ll first start on the right side of the room, in the back (I was in the front on the left, so you could probably imagine my feeling of pending disappointment at this point). Because however, it was their seventh anniversary, she said she will pick the person seventh from the right and seventh from the back. As they were counting the seats from the back, I realized that they were in my row and when they finally stopped on me, I was totally surprised and excited! I was chosen by Chinami! Lucky!

I stood up and moved to the front of the room and of course Chinami, genius as she is, had to throw out some English during the exchange. “I’m Chinami,” “Thank you,” “Delicious.” As she was saying thank you for the second or third time, lol, she moved in close, hand raised in an attempt to give me a high five. I had then raised my hand too, before the staff had stopped her, lol. Ah, she was so excited, and so was I! We ended up giving each a remote high five a couple of times, haha. It was just great!

At the handshake later that evening, Chii continued where she left off, with some more thank you’s. OMG Chinami’s voice is so sugary syrupy sweet, haha. What an awesome experience. I’ll not downplay how happy it made me feel.


Aww, Maasa was hurt before the concert and couldn’t dance on stage, tho she was still Ms. King MC as per usual. As the concert started up with Heroine ni Narou ka, she kinda looked sad on stage, sitting in a chair, doing the upper body motions to the song, singing her parts butting nothing else. As things moved on however, the girls would go over to her and dance and such, especially Chinami who gave her a few bumps and bops on the head. They were all having a good time in the end.


Miya seemed a bit more active than what I usually remember of her. Her voice is still in top shape and she’s a really well rounded idol. During the fan meeting she won the little DO-RE-ME tournament thing they were doing. She was given a trophy and then Yurina took pictures of her holding it to give to some of the audience. She was having a lot of fun with it.


Kumai had a couple of mess-ups during the concert, which continues to contribute to the view of a bit of an absent minded personality that I’ve seen in her as of late. Now, that is not a dig, it’s great actually, her personality and stage presence are ever growing and not going unnoticed.


I say that I’m pretty good at reading people, but it’s more than a possibility that my reading is off a little in this case. That said, Risako continues to send me all sorts of subtle messages when she looks my way, followed by a smile and or what not. During the concerts or whenever, it’s quite amusing as she’s half way coy with it. During the handshake, the way she looked at me was, ah, I don’t know. She was looking so deep and intently, lol. As I’ve said before, we just kind of click on some level, then again, maybe it’s all in my head. Anyway, good show.

As I told all of Berryz when I had the chance: See you in Seattle!

Beri Kou Festival!

Well, ’twas Thanksgiving break, the time for my annual fall pilgrimage to Japan to see mah Berryz, yeah. Just a few thoughts and highlights…

Welcome to Beri Kou Fes!

Welcome to Beri Kou Fes!

First off, shout out to my fellow wota and friends in Japan and from other places around the globe. Some I’ve met for the first time, some I haven’t seen in a while. I’ve said it before, but these guys and gals really are a great group of people; I really do feel a sense of pride associating myself with ’em. I’m very lucky to be able to follow my interests and travel, pursuing my passion for Japanese music, and in turn, to meet other people who have a similar passion.

On to the concert… finally got to see Dakishimete Dakishimete. I had been wanting to see that one for some time. Kimi no Tomodachi was pretty cool too, another one I was looking forward to. The rotating setlist gave me the opportunity to see a few different combinations of the girls and songs too, which was an nice little bonus of sorts. Cutting the music and having the audience sing along with Rival, one of my favorite songs, was an awesome little experience too. Great concert overall, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Two Chinami solos! Yea! Maasa and Captain too. The random selection worked in my favor I would say, haha. The solo performances were cute, with the rest of the Berryz as backup dancers/cheerleaders.

Chinami and her genki self was great, her smile lighting up the stage. What more can I say man. The girl has got me hooked. MC Maasa, always running the show. She really is the King of Berryz, great at leading the troops. While Captain is Captain, coming with her sharp dance moves and high energy as always.

Kumai really is a beauty. That’s nothing new, but her presence on stage has been grabbing a little bit more of my attention lately. Miyabi’s voice is as solid as ever, tho she did miss a bit of a line at one point. She continues to keep her skill in top form.

Ahh, Risako… I felt like Risako was dancing -for me- for a lot of the night on Saturday, heh. Like we kept locking eyes as she danced right there, me in the front row, we kept smiling back and forth at each other. I’m not gonna say it was awkward, but at some points I was kinda like thinking to myself, just stop, lol, this is too much. Yeah, maybe that doesn’t make much sense, but anyway, we always seem to connect at these concerts. Risako’s Ibu-sama character was cool too. She really seems to naturally fit that role and her performance was decent. Also, and maybe this will kinda come off as somewhat of a backhanded complement, but I didn’t really feel that she was dancing all that lazily this time, ha. Baby steps, yeah.

Poor Momo, always getting picked on during their little skits and such. A good chunk of it coming from Chinami as I’ve mentioned here before. It’s not only Chii that picks on her tho, each of them are in on it in their own way. Momoko is just too cute sometimes, haha.

No idea when I’ll get to see them again, but this past experience was a blast. Till next time.

Happy Summer Vacation

Happy Summer Vacation? More like Epic Summer Vacation, yeah. Though before I go on any further, let me just say right off the bat…


For convincing me to go. Believe it or not, it did take a little bit of encouragement, I was initially hesitant. School started last week and so I’m missing the first couple of days. On top of that I had just come back from Japan not too long ago, and my money supply was more than a bit limited, heh. It didn’t take too much prodding however; I mean, how could I pass up the opportunity?


For setting this all up for me. Filling out and sending in the applications, waiting on the mail to deliver the various documents you needed from me, answering my questions. I could go on an on, but I’ll just say that I am very grateful for everything that has been done for me to get me here.

Then there’s the friendly and helpful staff, to everyone involved. Thanks all.

Now, if by the title of this post it’s not obvious as to what it is that I’m talking about: I got to go to the Berryz Kobo Fanclub Tour in HAWAII! Or I guess, technically I’m still here, but the main events have since concluded. I had intended to keep this really short but, no matter, I just wanted to share some of my experience.

Happy Summer Vacation - Goods

Happy Summer Vacation – Goods


Beri Hello Name; Roll Call

First, before I get to the event itself, we were to choose a Beri Hello Name for ourselves. The Beri Hello Name is basically a nickname for use during the event. I was thinking I’d choose “solo” but that just wouldn’t do, yeah. I decided on “Kentucky.” This is an interesting one, because Kentucky is short for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Japan. An intentional setup for Kenchiki jokes. It also setup an interesting scenario where when people would ask where I was from, my answer of course would be, Kentucky. Clever little thing I did there methinks, most seemed amused by it anyway.

So that’s where the event starts. We’re outside divided into 23 teams of 10, under four separate pavilions, situated around an open area. Berryz come out, say hello and do their introductions. They each have their own Names too. Captain’s Name for example, is “Saki.” At first I was like, what? LOL. She wasn’t the only one to do this tho. In the end it makes sense, and they did explain their choice. Captain is Captain, so Saki fits. Let’s see, Yu-chan, Momo-chi, Na-chan, China~mi, Risako, Maasa. Yeah, I know I have a few of those wrong (also, excuse me switching between the different names throughout the writeup).

With Berryz names out of the way, it was time to take role. Each one of the girls would grab a random group of 30 names and head over to the tables. They’d read off the names one at a time, and each person would respond “Hai.” At the end of reading off 10 names for the people at the particular table, they were presented a gift of some photos and some red thing that folded out that nobody could figure out what it was (tho, it’s use makes sense later into things).

Risako came to my table. I believe she recognized me from the last two Berryz concert tours. Where in the one she smiled and waved back at me, and in another I had done something creative with one of my glowsticks that got a chuckle out of her. In any case, this would be I guess, my first time “meeting” someone from Berryz Koubou.

Game Time

With the roll complete, it was time to play some games. Each fanclub member would have a chance to grab an envelope, and interact with one of the girls in the form of a game of jankenpon or to answer a trivia question. Win or answer the question correct and you’d get a point for your team. When I went up I was directed to Risako where she asked me a trivia question. Uh oh, heh. She started reading the piece of paper I had handed her and all I could make out of it was something about August twenty something and otanjoubi. My answer was Miyabi, but that was wrong, LOL. Anyway, I wasn’t the only person in my team to get a wrong answer so it’s not like I let us down or anything, hehe. The next game was a water balloon toss. Pretty simple really. Berryz would toss you a water balloon, catch it and you get a point for your team. At the end of the bought of games, a winning team was announced and they got some candy leis. They were called to the stage and Berryz presented it to them.

Team Canvas

Berryz had decorated a largish canvas, not as big as the one last year, but a similar type thing to give an idea; they brought it out to show everyone. And now, each of the 23 teams also had a canvas of their own to decorate. During the decoration process each Berryz member would come around and give the team one of a myriad of stickers they had designed. Giving me a chance to meet the rest of Berryz. Of note is when Momoko came to our table and she was asked by someone in my team to put her sticker on the back of the canvas. She was not happy, tho in a playful type of way.

Also of note, was Chinami of course! I happened to be teamed up with one of the guys who helped organize Chinami’s birthday concert last May. So while we didn’t really know each other, we did know each other, heh, and he knows of me and my interest in Berryz in general without me having had to say much of anything. Anyway, the guys in my team all know Chinami is my girl, so they kinda set me up when she came around to our table. Making sure that I was next to her so that we could talk and what not. Now, even tho It might seem I’m being a bit verbose in describing things, I’m leaving a bit out, just so that’s clear. In any case, I got to talk to her, and tell her where it was okay to put the sticker. She said “Okay” and made a little okay sign, to which I replied in kind. Good ol’ wotas setting me up like that. Another thing that just jumped out is when someone asked her to say something in English. Her choice of words was only one. “Cucumber.”

With Berryz finished distributing their stickers, they would then exit in the direction they came in, leaving us some time to finish decorating our canvas. As they’re walking out, waving to everyone, Chinami is taking her time strolling along. She then stops to say something to the camera and so is the last to leave. I maneuver myself so that I’m in open view of the exit. “Chi-na-mi,” I shout out, which grabs her attention. “Bye, bye,” I say. She waves, smiles and returns the byes. “Nice shout,” &c is told to me by the wota in the pavilion, an encouraging bunch they are.

As the teams were finishing up their canvases, a group of wota came over to my teams table to say hi. A couple I had seen before, but otherwise they were all new faces to me. Anyway, we chatted a bit. Thy asked about my interest in the group, about my tattoo (which they brought up, knowing of it from others) and such and such. Just to restate, what a cool bunch of people these guys and gals are, yeah.

Canvas is finished, so it’s time for a group shot. We take or canvas up a hill where Berryz are now prepped and waiting. My team reorders themselves so that we’ll all be standing in front of or favorite members. Picture shot and it’s on to the next planned happening.

Evening Meal

Berryz serve us dinner!

First in the service line was Risako, who handed out the plates and a fork. Second was Na-chan with a hot dog bun. Saki, with the hot dog. When I got to Saki, she pointed out my name, Kentucky; at which point Miyabi leaned over to read my name tag as well. Next up was Momo-chi with a handful of curly fries, “Kentucky-kun” she said in a really cute voice. Yu-chan dropped some salad on and off my plate, hehe, before I moved on and Maasa topped off the salad with some dressing. At the end, Chinami handed me a drink.

When I got to Chinami she repeated “Kentucky” as the others had before her. She said it a few times actually. I replied “Hai, Kentucky” and pointed to my name tag, “Kentucky ni sunde imasu.” Now, an interesting thing happened when the other wota, both in line behind me and those back in their seats saw me talking with Chinami. They started to clap and cheer, haha. Amusing.

We were given a little bit of free time, before moving on to the next spot.


In reference to that red thing I mentioned earlier. It was like a little seat cushion thing. The people in the front rows would be sitting on the ground so we eventually put two and two together.

Question and answer time. We all got the chance to fill out a form with a question on it, where the girls would pick one out and answer them. They only did 7 tho, so you were lucky if your question was picked. When your question was read, they’d shuffle over to that side of the group and read it to you up close. Was cool. One thing I thought I’d mention was that as Momo-chi did that cutesy thing she does (Momo, just being Momo, heh) Chinami does that thing she does, where she’s kinda like not really annoyed, but rolls her eyes at it. I find the Momo/Chi interaction lately with regards to that interesting to watch (and as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, it’s not just Chi who kinda picks on Momo either; it’s all in good fun anyway).

After the question and answer, we were treated with a few songs before moving on to the next bit of this event. Curiously, Chinami went missing from the group. Kumai then went on to lead the wota in prayer… or some sort of ceremonial, something… hmm. Obviously I’m not completely sure what she was saying (and I say prayer, cause that’s just what the atmosphere felt like), but the other wota seemed a little bit surprised before she started, but then all calmed and became still as she began speaking. As she finishes up, Chinami is back. Chinami the fire god! She’s in a sparkly pink costume, with a little wand with pink streamers hanging off of it. They do a little bit of talking and then Chinami replaces the pink wand with a long dowel, with a lit lantern at the end. She proceeds to the bonfire (assisted by a bunch of staff) and lights the fire.

With the fire lit, it’s time for some more songs (I should mention, we also sang Happy Birthday to Miyabi, who was surprised by as we started off). This time as they’re singing, they’d circle around the fire a few times, facing the crowd. Periodically some of the water park staff had been adding more fuel to the fire, as it wasn’t all that impressive. It would peak up for a short while but then die down a while later. That is until, WOOOSH!!! The thing takes off like mad, sending the girls running and screaming. The music keeps on anyway, and eventually the girls start another round of circling the fire, coached on by the staff. Chinami was having none of that tho, the fire god was too afraid of the fire to approach it again. The other girls were all pretty hesitant as well. It was nice and exciting experience anyway.

As thing were winding down, Berryz were walking off the “stage” and to the side where some lights and a table were setup. High-Five time! On our way back to the bus, we lined up to give each of the Berryz a high-five. They really hurried people through the line this time. I was determined to go a little bit slower tho, heh. I allowed a little gap in front of me and made my way through. When I got to Chinami her and I exchanged three high-fives, haha. She had something written on her hand, tho I couldn’t make it out.



“Ohayou Gozaimasu~” We were greeted as we entered the conference room, by Berryz who were on stage. “Ohayou Kentucky-san,” Chinami had a personalized greeting for me as I walked by. I feel special. They were also handing out maps, places we should visit, places they recommend or something to that effect. For my 8 shot I did nothing special, the Shaka sign. Chinami was in the center of the photo tho too, right behind me. The shot turned out well I think. I was the last in my group to go up so I did have a little bit of extra time to turn and say bye and thank you. After this we were sent off before we were to regather for the concert later that afternoon.

Happy Summer Vacation - 8Shot

Happy Summer Vacation – 8Shot


Live Concert

No play by play of the concert, but there were a couple of things I wanted to point out. One was the rain. Even with sunny skies we’d periodically get bouts of light rain coming down. Berryz were prepared however, as they went around to the back of the stage and grabbed some water guns! They were shooting each other as well as the audience. Good fun. Saw a couple of rainbows, one that came out right at the end of Seishun Oodori, which seemed wholly appropriate.

Mixed in with the Berryz songs were a couple of the covers from their Summer mini album. Chinami, Yurina and Miyabi with Chu Natsu Party. Risako solo (Risako’s outfit …), Yeah! Meccha Holiday. While Captain, Maasa and Momoko wrapped up the mini groups with Halation Summer. An enjoyable concert despite the heat that started things off and the rain that ended it.


Epic (^_^)

Not gonna say much more than that, to keep it as kinda a special thing between me and each one of the girls, you know? Tho I will mention, as I have seen some discussion on 2ch about it, that Chinami’s loud and animated interaction with me at the time really put the icing on the cake to the whole event. While things end here, it has created so much lasting memory.

Otanjoubi House

I was in Japan May 9-25 and so had the opportunity to see Berryz Koubou in concert. Six times, no less. What can I say, the concerts were awesome. I really enjoyed seeing the girls again and to see the performances of the songs from their 6th album, I had a great time.

Otakebi Gear

Otakebi Gear

As with my first trip to see them at their concert last fall, this one had a special significance as well. I got to see Chinami on her Birthday! What a very special experience to be in the front row for that one.

The concert on Chinami’s birthday, 5/22, before the encore, everyone was shouting Chinami’s name instead of the chant they normally do. For the afternoon concert, during the encore there were sunflowers again, like last year.

For the evening concert, since Chinami said she wanted to have a “COLORFUL” year, we made a rainbow out of our glow sticks for her. It was coordinated so that each column of about six seats would have a certain color, and the second and third floors would have white ones, representing the clouds. It turned out really well and you could tell that Chinami was really happy.

I’ve not much more to report, thought there were many more happenings, but I just wanted to say that I had the time of my life. I really can’t wait to see them again!

Tokyo Incidents ウルトラC

Tokyo Jihen Ultra C Live Tour 2010 (5/12 Tokyo)

I lucked out and was able to snag a decent ticket for their show on Thursday in Tokyo. It was an isle seat, close to the front and there was no one sitting directly in front of me so I had a great view. As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, Tokyo Jihen was one of the first Japanese groups I discovered back when; they remain one of my favorites to this day, I’m glad I had a chance to see them live.

Showing up to the concert venue, I didn’t know what to expect. I had only been to H!P concerts in the past, so obviously this one was going to be a different experience. First thing that stood out to me was the number of females attending the concert, outnumbered the males by at least two to one. The genre, and Shiina Ringo I guess, pulls a totally different audience for the most part.

Tokyo Jihen: Sports

Tokyo Jihen: Sports

One thing that really hadn’t crossed my mind was buying concert goods; they had a bunch to choose from. Some of the people there already had on their tracksuits and, t-shirts and flags. There were also things like socks, shoes, perfume, medals, stickers, &c. I decided to get a shirt and a couple flags, figured that I could wave it around as the concert went on (and kinda assumed that others would be doing the same).

So, on to the concert itself… the stage wasn’t too big, and really it didn’t have to be, it’s not like they would be running around and dancing and such, they’d be playing instruments which would kind of confine them to certain areas. The band comes out on stage and, what are they wearing, like some sort of caveman outfits or something with their hair all braided and one or two spiky braids just sticking out for good measure. Oh, and Shiina Ringo is blond. I was maybe expecting something sporty, to go along with the sports album and victory theme. They would wear the same stuff until the encore, where they would change into some more casual clothes.

The performances of the songs themselves were awesome. Much flag waving was had and a little bit of dancin’ thrown in too. A comment on the audience, I found it interesting how during some of the slower songs things would just stop. I mean, it’d become like silent and nobody would move a muscle, not even bob their heads. Even when the song happened to pick up the pace and instrumentals somewhere in the middle there, they’d still be stiff, until the next song came on. Now, I’m not one to get all enthused and excited really, but even I was like, come on guys, let’s wave our flags or something, heh.

I haven’t been keeping hard tabs on their releases this year, so there was a little from their latest album that I hadn’t heard before, but it was all good. The stand out performance for me had to be Killer Tune, one of my favorites, if not the favorite song of theirs. The audience really seemed happy when it came on as well. OSCA and Senko Shojo were also a couple of favorites that I really enjoyed seeing live. The band mostly stayed in their respective positions on stage, moving around a little, sometimes coming together to do a little group play thing. Of course Shiina was the most animated, from picking up the guitar, singing through a megaphone, tweeting a whistle, waving a flag, just doing her thing. She was great, but then, so was the rest of the group. I like the dynamics that the addition of the piano and guitarists voices adds to the sound of the group as well.

The lighting effects throughout the concert were pretty cool. There was a countdown timer, 3 minutes, for Noudouteki Sanpunkan, which was nifty too. They used the same screen to run some 8 bit like video game graphics during a couple songs which I thought added a interesting dimension to things, but not so much to be a distraction.

Overall, great show, great group. Admittedly, it’s probably not a concert that I would go to see over and over again, but I really did enjoy it.

Hello! Projectランキング

Paul over at Hello! Blog has setup this years Hello! Project poll. Some nifty giveaways are available to win this go around, as an added incentive to contribute your opinion to the pool.

As I did last year, I’ve got the details of the group rankings spread out through a couple of posts. This one was pretty simple to put together, with Elder Club gone and all and my opinion of each of the groups and girls pretty solidified.

Go over and check the poll when you’ve got a chance.

First up are links to my detailed thoughts on the individual girls themselves, followed by my overall rankings for 2010:

Berryz Koubou Morning Musume. °C-ute
Hello Project 2010 Group Ranking

Hello Project 2010 Group Ranking

Hello Project 2010 Ranking

Hello Project 2010 Ranking

Cake Day 3.0

Hi. I made a cake. Happy 3 Years International Wota.

Vanilla/Orange Chinami Cake

Vanilla/Orange Chinami Cake

Wait, now how am I supposed to eat this. I didn’t really think that far… Hmm, well I guess I can eat it with a fork ( -_-) Oh, there’s a “3” in there if you look hard enough.

Chinami Cake + Oranges

Chinami Cake + Oranges

The big oranges make the cake look small. Anyway, thanks International Wota for continuing to spread Japanese music to the masses and working on connecting the community of bloggers out there. See ya next year.


It should come as no surprise that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything put out by this group over the past year. Kicked off with Dakishimete Dakishimete, followed by the consecutive double A-sides, they have been some of my favorites. While still lacking some of the rockin’ sound of Buono!, the cool choreography of C-ute and the maturity of Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou never fails to come out on top.

Berryz Koubou

Berryz Koubou 2010

Berryz Koubou

2010 Ranking
2009 Ranking

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I’m one from the camp where the C-ute of now is just missing something. Indies C-ute had something special and lost it; for me, it was basically with Tokaikko Junjou. Anyway, old C-ute is gone, so there’s no point in dwelling on that, yeah. With Erika and Kanna gone as well, the distinction between old and new is even more apparent. That said, over the past year, the groups’ releases have been all right to my ears.


°C-ute 2010


2010 Ranking
2009 Ranking

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It’s that time of the year again. Rankin’ Time! Let’s jump right into it and get started with Morning Musume, shall we.

While I didn’t make it out to AX to see them last year, I was able to see them perform in Japan at the summer concert back in July. As I’ve heard a few other people say, and I agree, seeing them up close really does change your perception of the girls a bit. I’ve still not taken too much time to get to know the group really, but I guess I know them well enough that things have shuffled around a little. With Koharu’s departure my interest as a whole has dropped some. That said, current Musume has mostly just been about the music to me anyway, so that’s not indicative of much of a change.

Morning Musume

Morning Musume. 2010

Morning Musume.

2010 Ranking
2009 Ranking

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