It should come as no surprise that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything put out by this group over the past year. Kicked off with Dakishimete Dakishimete, followed by the consecutive double A-sides, they have been some of my favorites. While still lacking some of the rockin’ sound of Buono!, the cool choreography of C-ute and the maturity of Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou never fails to come out on top.

Berryz Koubou

Berryz Koubou 2010

Berryz Koubou

2010 Ranking
2009 Ranking

My desire to follow the other H!P groups has dropped off, but Berryz have continued to draw me in deeper and deeper to the idol world. Or I guess to clarify, Berryz have always been number one for me and beyond that, in the sense of being a fan of Japanese idols, no one other group has really held that much importance to me. What can I say, I’m a Berryz wota through and through and I don’t think anything will change that any time soon.

Over the past year I’ve gotten to see Berryz live a few times and that strengthens my admiration and appreciation even further. It truly is an awesome experience seeing them dance and sing up close. Past that, watching their trip to Hawaii, their making-ofs, special events and what not might not provide the same type of experience as seeing them live, but they’re all just different paths that fortify my bond with the group even more. I know they won’t be around forever, but I might as well enjoy the group as much as I can while it lasts.

Favorite Songs

Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda

Other Favorites (Singles)

21Ji Made no Cinderella
Dakishimete Dakishimete
Dchinghis Khan
Gag 100 Kaibun Aishite Kudasai
Otakebi Boy WAO!
Seishun Bus Guide
Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama
Ryuusei Boy
Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance

Honorable Mentions

Warera! Berryz Kamen
Special Generation (Eccentric Remix)
Kono Yume Tomare!

The Girls

Tokunaga Chinami

Tokunaga Chinami

1. Chinami

For brevity’s sake, cause y’all know I could go on and on, I’m going to try and limit my thoughts a bit on this one. There is no one else in this world that I love more than this girl. There’s much more to say and clarify about that statement, but at the same time, I think it’s pretty clear, isn’t it? …

Congratulations to her on her first photobook last September. I was a little bit apprehensive about the idea of her getting one for a variety of reasons, but once I had it in my hands how could I not feel happy for her. A book of a thousand smiles, no matter where she is, or what she’s wearing, her smile always shines through.

Her solo in the Medachitai concert was absolutely amazing~! Alright I’ll admit that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but look at the source, you get what I’m sayin’. The guys I was sitting with during the concert had asked who my favorite member was before things had started; when it was time for Chinami’s solo they made sure I was ready for it. Their, encouragement I guess, made me feel a lil dopey and coy or whatever, but in the end, anyone there could tell that I was having a great time.

Keep smiling Chii~

Sudo Maasa

Sudo Maasa

2. Maasa

All hail King Maasa! King? Why she’s King of Berryz Koubou of course, with all the poise, power and prestige that goes along with that. While she is more like fourth in line to the Berryz throne, you can’t ignore her commanding presence. Even with the “massive” moniker left far behind, she still holds an air of power and demanding of respect, she’s still that idol who will kick your butt if you cross her.

She may not be as genki as Chinami, or a good as a dancer as Captain, but darn if she ain’t close on both accounts. During their fall concert this girl gave it her all, she really did stand out.

Another Berryz get’s their first photobook! During one of the promo videos where she was talking with Momo about it, she looked so happy. I’m sure it made her feel great, she looks like she put a lot of effort into it. And not that she needed ay more awesome points, but she was diggin’ on some Taco Bell in some of the shots. Enough said.

Shimizu Saki

Shimizu Saki

3. Captain

Saki has upped the cute factor over the past year methinks. She’s mixed in some cool and maturity as well. Not that she wasn’t one of the mature Berryz before, but I’ve really seen her as Captain more and more, rather than say, just the oldest Berryz. In general, she continues to dance circles around the other girls. On stage she pulls it off with a smile and apparent effortlessness, she really is a delight to watch.

Tsugunaga Momoko

Tsugunaga Momoko

4. Momoko

Oh Momo, that thing you do, those things you do, keep at it. Just watch her in Buono! and Berryz and you’ll be doused in cutesy, over exaggerated, sugar coated bubblegum, idol stuffs. It can be a bit much as I’ve seen Chinami and other’s point out a few times (either by stating it outright or by how they act around her). It’s all fun and games tho, and funny to see Chii, Maasa and Miya occasionally picking on her. I say she’s somewhat of a “perfect idol” and I still think the label fits. It’s kind of an act, but deep down you get a sense of who she really is despite all of that.

Sugaya Risako

Sugaya Risako

5. Risako (+2)

Well, well, Risako, how in the world did you ever manage to climb up two spots on my list? That little squint and pout thing you do, it’s still irks me a bit. Your voice ain’t the best and you have a tendency to yell rather than sing. You dance a bit lazily sometimes. You seem to try and act mature somewhat inappropriately, like it’s some sort of front… Okay I’m done. From being an annoyance, all of those little traits I’ve come to accept as Risako just being herself, you know. It’s generally hard to bug me, or get on my nerves in the first place, so I’ve kinda just lightened up, opened up and seen more of Risako from a slightly different point of view; sparked by seeing her live during the summer and fall concerts.

Risako fits the sound of Zoku v-u-den’s ONLY YOU so well and her performance of the song was just splendid. She approached the song with tenacity and powah. During Medachitaii, she was having so much fun on stage and appeared to be feeding off the atmosphere of the audience. Oh, and she smiled and waved at me at one point… how can you not just melt under those circumstances.

They keep on pushing her hard and I’ll continue to say as I’ve said in the past, I hope she can keep up and continue to endure it.

Natsuyaki Miyabi

Natsuyaki Miyabi

6. Miyabi (-1)

I still see her as the one in the group who is a little shy, timid, and wields an amazing voice; the one who’s a bit motherly and takes care of the Berryz when they’re feeling a little down. Over the year, I’ve also seen a lot more of the idoly side of Miya, both in Buono! and Berryz. She can switch from fun, to mature, to dimwitted, to playfully angry; truly talented and versatile.

Kumai Yurina

Kumai Yurina

7. Kumai (-1)

Now it really is hard having someone at the bottom of the list, but alas, it has to happen. She’s lost the “boring” label I bestowed upon her last go round and has presented herself as someone fun and entertaining. Her voice might not match perfectly with some of the new groups she’s in, but she does stand out if nothing else.

The lemon vampire thing is in the back of my mind when thinking about Kumai, so is her wonky pose on the cover of one of their recent DVDs, oh and her crying when having to chomp on that tomato. More recently tho I’m reminded of her running on the treadmill thing during the Otakebi making of. Her style of running, which has been showcased before, is completely wonky, it’s adorable. Then she misplaces her gloves, a minor thing, but cute nonetheless. So cheesy and a little absent minded, just want to go over and give her a big ol’ bear hug.

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  1. madcatz says:

    After reading your review about the girl. Im getting to know about the girl better thanks.. the truth Im new in this H!P thing and your review is helping alot..
    thanks bro…

    • solo-kun says:

      I'm glad you found my review of the girls helpful. :) Hope you enjoy your continued discovery of all the music, idols and other aspects of Hello! Project that are out there.

  2. Takarai Nakashimi says:

    i like berryz,, !!!
    n i like kumaichan

    • solo-kun says:

      Yay, Berryz!

      I like Kumai too~ :) It's getting really hard to rank them, I like them all so much.