Hello! Projectランキング

Paul over at Hello! Blog has setup this years Hello! Project poll. Some nifty giveaways are available to win this go around, as an added incentive to contribute your opinion to the pool.

As I did last year, I’ve got the details of the group rankings spread out through a couple of posts. This one was pretty simple to put together, with Elder Club gone and all and my opinion of each of the groups and girls pretty solidified.

Go over and check the poll when you’ve got a chance.

First up are links to my detailed thoughts on the individual girls themselves, followed by my overall rankings for 2010:

Berryz Koubou Morning Musume. °C-ute
Hello Project 2010 Group Ranking

Hello Project 2010 Group Ranking

Hello Project 2010 Ranking

Hello Project 2010 Ranking

4 Responses to “Hello! Projectランキング”

  1. Was sooo so difficult ne~* (/∇\*)!I took forever trying to decide and kept changing it over and over XD~. Funny thing is that I ended up trying to do it in the moment~* so to speak so I may regret it for an entire year lol (>_<);!!。。Hmm…our rankings are so different and it's fun to see where my favorites♥ rank in your polls~*..thank you~* for sharing ^ ^。

  2. ara-chan says:

    Berryz Koubou #1 I love them <3