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Wota Wonderings 2

I love you. Did you say you loved me? Tell me if you love me.
You won’t say it. You won’t say it to me? I want you to say it!
Please love me as much as 100 jokes!

All you need is love!

I challenge you to find the best example of idol love. Showcase this “love” as your post for Wota Wonderings #2.

That first little bit of nagaliciousness was brought to you in part by Berryz Koubou’s Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai. The song that introduced me to Berryz, and remains one of my favorites to this day.

My original plan to sing a few love songs has failed. And well, this is by no means the best example of idol love, but it is my love, and it’s all I could come up with with all of life’s other goings on. If I had the time, perhaps I could learn a few dances. Oh what fun that could have been. In the end, I’ve decided to string together a few hiaku to show my “love” and support for Berryz Koubou.
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GO!GO!7188 – Futashika Tashika (+Antenna)

Futashika Tashika

Futashika Tashika

GO!GO!7188’s 15th single, released January 14th, 2009. Futashika Tashika is a fairly mellow song and I really like the flow of it . It concludes with a nice three minute instrumental, one that I can just sit back, listen to and enjoy.

The second track is a bit more upbeat, as is the third, which is more in line with their usual fanfare. Interestingly, the single features the track Bariburi, which has their drummer carrying the lead vocals. GO!GO! have done this before and it seems to work okay in this case. Overall not a spectacular release, but I still enjoyed it.

30 Second Previews:

I’m sure there’s some deep meaning behind the video, but I’m not too keen on catching that kind of stuff. The cover of the single has an Ashura which is also featured in the PV. It seems to illustrate some sort of life death evolution or some such. I’m sure that bit has some link to Ashura as well.



Antenna was released on February 4, 2009. Their 7th album features their latest singles Futashika Tashika and one of my favorites, Kataomoi Fighter, plus 10 new tracks. I have to say that I get the feeling of more of the same from this album, but at the same time, the tracks are unique and enjoyable enough that it doesn’t really matter.

The beachy surf rock style can be heard throughout, although only subtly at times. It’s this style and along with Yuu’s vocals that make the band for me, so it’s all good. I think someone new to GO!GO! can get a good feel for what this group is all about through this album. Their Best of from a few years ago has a good sampling as well.

Outside of the great single tracks, Chinton shan, Kuwazu Girai and Ame no Hi Dake no Koi stand out. Chinton shan and Kuwazu Girai for their upbeat tempo and familiarity, then Ame no Hi Dake no Koi for the interesting vocals.

With Ame no Hi Dake no Ko, GO!GO! again throws out some vocals to their drummer, Turkey. He doesn’t carry the whole song tho which creates an interesting dynamic between the whole of the composition. I’m really starting to like his voice, which I was a little bit hesitant on back when I first heard it on their cover album Tora no Ano 2. Hopefully they continue this trend, as it adds a good bit of variety and spice.

On the whole, good stuff.

30 Second Previews: