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Mmm Berryz. Please excuse any ramblings, incoherentness or the like, but man, I love me some Berryz if you couldn’t tell. My reintroduction to Hello! Project was at the hands of Berryz Koubou. Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai specifically had me hooked with the cute upbeat sound. Then the dance shot version of the song, something I had never really seen before. As I was watching, I was overloaded with cute.

Berryz Koubou

Berryz Koubou

My continued exploration into this group of 7 unearthed a wide variety of songs, all with equal parts cute and addictiveness. There’s something about the extremely adorable that just sits right with me. Eventually this lead me into my exploration of all of Hello! Project, of which I am a fairly big fan today.

A recent conversation came up while I was out one night in which the subject of Japanese music was stirred. It was then when I came to realize, well after being explicitly told, that Japanese music has literally changed my life. Around the time I started into Japanese music, I also started looking more and more into Japanese culture in general. It was something that I wanted to experience first hand but some of those experiences required, or rather, would be more easily attainable if I went through the education route. I somewhat chronicle that on my other blog. So I’m in school now, aiming for a Bachelors Degree in International Studies. More recently, I’ve left my job of five years, so that I can more easily focus on this.

Anyway, music was the catalyst. I’ve not really been into the music scene at all before I discovered Japanese music. Japanese music, culture, society, &c is one of the few things I’m really passionate about. Berryz is a big part of that.

Favorite Songs

Darling I LOVE YOU (Berryz Koubou ver.)
Kono Yubi Tomare!

Other Favorites (Singles)

21ji Made no Cinderella
Dakishimete Dakishimete
Dschinghis Khan
Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai
Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance

Honorable Mentions

Warera! Berryz Kamen
Special Generation (Eccentric Remix)

The Girls



1. Chinami

Are there words to describe it? I’m not too sure, but I’ll give it my best shot. When she smiles I smile, a big grin flashes across my face. In general, when other people are happy, it makes me happy. Chii tho, has something special. There’s an extra bit of excitement that overcomes me whenever she is on screen.

When Chii speaks it strikes me with an overwhelming sense of cuteness. Her voice, the pitch, is high but not enough to be annoying. When she sings, the cuteness also radiates through, enticing what little bit of emotion that I do have, where as I’m otherwise in a fairly emotionless state. She’s not the best singer, but when she’s letting it out, it almost melts me.

On stage, Chii always seems to be genki and full of energy. Her moves are sharp and fun, always a great deal of fun to watch. Not the best dancer, but you can tell she puts the effort into making the group look good. She doesn’t get many lines in the songs, I guess she has to put that effort somewhere.

All of that, and I know it’s just a facade. The whole idol thing is really. But the prepped package is part of being a Wota, and that’s why I enjoy it so much.

She’s got the cute tomboy look with the short hair, and looks just as dazzling with it long. Chii is at the maximum of cute, what more needs to be said?

I realize I’m fanboing to a certain degree. But the adorableness that is Chii, it has inundated and captured me. Let me stop as this truly and surely could be, a most embarrassing idolization for the entire world to see.



2. Maasa

Number two in the trio of Berryz underdogs. Massive Maasa ain’t so massive anymore, but she’s still the same Maasa down inside. Maasa has jumped up one spot in my rankings, and that’s partially due to her performance as Berryz Kamen Leader. Red for the win. She displays a lot pf personality so she’s cool to watch. She’s got a nice deepish singing voice as well. When she talks, she’s got an adorable lisp going on, tho it’s not as noticeable as perhaps it was early in the Berryz days. Also when talking, her mouth… it fascinates me. I’m not sure how to describe it exactly, but it’s very cute. It’s just one of things that makes her stand out.



3. Captain

Saki time, break it down. Do, do do, do doo. That was me doing a little jig if you couldn’t tell. Captain is so much fun with her energetic dance moves. It’s that and her position in High-King that really got me to notice her. Her forced looking smiles early on were a bit of a put off, but she has seemed to become more comfortable and natural now. She’s still a bit reserved but she makes up for that on the dance floor.



4. Momoko

Momo is like, the perfect idol. A perfectness that creates a sense that you probably either love her or hate her for it. Her squeaky voice can be fun and entertaining, but she can also reel it in and produce something simply delightful. Her trademark pinkies up, and skipping around playfully, it’s amusing, just as an idol should be. As she furiously blinks her eyes when she’s mad or irritated, you really get to feel her emotion, without feeling threatened. It’s the little traits like these that make Momo so appealing.



5. Miyabi

Personally, I think she has the best voice among all of the Kids. I might even say that I enjoy her voice the most out of all of Hello! Project. Whenever she’s singing, her voice usually stands out, and I think it’s great. In addition to being a great singer, she can also dance. Miya is fairly well rounded and talented idol, but in a sea of Berryz, it takes a bit more than that to stand out for me.



6. Kumai

Since my last Berryz ranking, Yurina has dropped quite considerably from where she was at first. From two, she is now in the sixth spot for the same reasons why Captain was here before, she’s gotten a bit boring. She’s tall… and that’s about it. Well, she does have one of the better voices in the group, but that doesn’t make up for it, to pass all of the other interesting personalities she’s competing with. It might have been her paring with Chinami that first got me to notice her, they’ve been put together quite a few times and I’ve found her often enjoyable when doing so. She’s just lost her spark. I will say tho, she does look good in the Dakishimete PV.



9. Risako

There aren’t any Wonderful Hearts that I activly dislike, but Risako is someone I don’t not like. Wait, did that make any sense… I’m sorry Rii, I know you mean well. (T_T). Of the Berryz, she is the one with the “I know you think I’m something and I know I’m something” thing. I’m just having a hard time figuring out what that something is. She is cute and she does have an alright voice sometimes, but there’s something to her that bugs me. Maybe it’s her little pouty faces and failed attempts at seriousness and cool that comes across in PVs and concerts. There also seems to be a lack of effort in about everything I see her do. Buhhhh, I know they’re pushing her hard and she’s under a lot of stress and pressure, and she is the youngest of the Berryz, but in the end she still manages to annoy me for whatever reason. I just feel bad for not not disliking her. Maybe it’s my love for Berryz as a whole that makes it so hard. And I mean, just look at that picture, what is that face… what is that something she’s trying to convey.

11 Responses to “Berryz Ranking”

  1. tommy says:

    I FOUND ONE!!!

  2. solo-kun says:

    Yes indeed, I am a Chii lover! ♥♥♥

    And I too would love a Chinami Photobook.

  3. Momo-chan says:

    totally agree about risako. I really, really…don't like her. Mai-chan is the youngest of H!P kids and she doesn't act like risako.

  4. solo-kun says:

    True, true. I think Vee summed up the issue a little bit on her recent article over on Pleasure Principled. Risako feels to me as if she is one of those who is existing as an idol rather than being an idol.

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  6. Angel says:

    i agree on wit everything u said bout risako, i can't stand her. and i maasa is ranked 2nd on my ranking too.

    • solo-kun says:

      Perhaps Risako will be able to step it up in their latest single. From the preview tho, I still am not fond of her voice, but I don't know, I have to hope for something if they keep putting her out in the front.

      Interesting rankings you've got there too. I just got the maasa photobook, and it is excellent.

  7. emily says:

    i love the berryz my fravit momko cute soft voice! their my fravit group in the world!

  8. risako's fangirl says:

    Risako is a good girl and i like her… i don't understand why there are so many people said risako is annoying, or lack of effort.. she's the worst one at dance lesson.. and i really impressed she's still working in berryz.. if i were her, i would have been graduate after the 5th single release, n then give up .. well, she's not a really good singer, like miyabi or momoko, but why she gots more lines than the others?? it's must be hard for her, being the centre dancer, n main singer, while she's not good with it. but she keeps going on…
    and i think she is improving…
    about her face,, she's just trying to be attractive in photos.. athough sometimes her expression is kinda weird, lol. i think she's kinda narcissism too.. lol

    i agree with you,, that momo has a sense that you probably either love her or hate her.. some people doesn't like her voice, and her cute appearance, and make a decission that she's annoying, because she's always trying to be cute..
    she's a real cutie, n if she's trying to be cute, up to her… why we have to feel annoyed.. it's her charming point

    sorry, my english is not good >_<

    • solo-kun says:

      They really push Risako hard, as I've mentioned elsewhere I'm glad she has stayed with it. I'd not want to see any of the girls leave the group.

      Momo, is just Momo, hah. It's alright to feel annoyed sometimes and still enjoy her personality all the same.

      Your English is okay :)

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