Cake Day 3.0

Hi. I made a cake. Happy 3 Years International Wota.

Vanilla/Orange Chinami Cake

Vanilla/Orange Chinami Cake

Wait, now how am I supposed to eat this. I didn’t really think that far… Hmm, well I guess I can eat it with a fork ( -_-) Oh, there’s a “3” in there if you look hard enough.

Chinami Cake + Oranges

Chinami Cake + Oranges

The big oranges make the cake look small. Anyway, thanks International Wota for continuing to spread Japanese music to the masses and working on connecting the community of bloggers out there. See ya next year.

9 Responses to “Cake Day 3.0”

  1. johpan says:

    This cake should be NOMinated for something… o lol :3

  2. yonasu says:

    I'd eat that!^^

    • solo-kun says:

      By all means, help yourself!

      I still haven't managed to cut it yet (>_<) The scraps I tried after shaping it were tasty tho. I'm not much of a cake person anyway…

  3. Looks most pretty~*….I'd say yummy but cake scares me still lol XD! You're really great with decorating too and I adore that you chose Chiichan's personal drawing for Cake♥Day!…I have that same drawing of her's on her cap from awhile ago…=)!

  4. Angela says:

    Aww how cute!!!