Seattle Side-Story
Berryz and a Lucky Penny

After Sakura-con, friends and I were doing a bit of sightseeing and such before heading off to a dinner reservation. We would eventually make our way towards Pike Place Market, where unfortunately there were a bunch of closed stores because of Easter. No matter, we’d drop into the various open shops as we were walking and what not. We had eventually split off a bit from each other and it was left with me and one other. As we were walking towards the market, we saw Seattle Shirt Co. across the street and my friend asked if we could stop in. We weren’t in a hurry or anything, so yeah, why not. As we cross and get to the other side, and begin making our way towards the store…

“Momoko?” my friend says to me. I hadn’t realized it, but Momoko and a Berryz staff member had just walked past us. We paused and turned to confirm, and could see the two walking away. A few steps later and Momoko turns to looks back, we catch a glimpse of each other and she recognizes us and waves, as we then wave back. A chance encounter, tho we were curious as to why she was out by herself.

With that behind us, we headed into the store as originally intended.

As we’re a few steps inside, “Chinami,” I said. I was certain that was her hair I spotted all the way at the back of the store. My friend hadn’t seen anything at this point, so she was a little confused as to why I was saying her name. I repeat myself, after having stopped in my tracks from moving into the store any further. I motion and say, “over there,” or something to that effect. Then I see, Captain is back there too… and Miyabi… and Risako. Wow! High tension.

Still a bit frozen, about now is when Chinami briefly turns towards us, smiles and then turns back to Miya/Rii/Captain. At this point I can’t recall my reaction, but the tension had continued to build for sure.

Just then, “Kentucky-san ga iru,” Chinami says, her voice carrying throughout the store. Berryz know both me and my friend pretty well, and with that they all turn to us, smile and wave. Wow, wow; another chance encounter, yeah. We wave back, I recall saying konnichiwa or some other similar greeting and not much else, then my friend an I went back to shopping around a bit and Berryz did the same.

We walked around to the side of the store, somewhat away from where Berryz were (didn’t want to interfere with their free time or anything like that, you know). As we were walking away my friend asked where’s Yurina (her favorite member). I realized we hadn’t seen Maasa either.

As we turn a corner, what would you know, it’s Yurina. This totally freezes my friend for a step. What should we do? She was facing a wall looking at some stuff but eventually would turn and say hello. We’d continue looking at things and Yurina did the same. My friend was looking at some cute keychains and picked one out, she then proceeds to call Yurina over to ask her opinion of it. She wasn’t too far away, and came over to us to oblige without hesitation. We didn’t tie her up for too long and went back to browsing the store.

My friend decided she wanted to buy the cute keychain and recommended I get something as well; something to remember the experience by if you will. It didn’t take long for me to find something. A lucky keychain. I feel lucky to have had all the experiences I’ve been having over the past years, and that day, I felt so lucky to have had met and chatted with Berryz in such a casual way.

Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny

By this time, Berryz were back to the front of the store, my friend and I were making our way back there as well. What followed as we caught up with them was a few minutes of conversation; Miya and Yurina were checking out at the front desk and eventually joined in. Although I’ve been pretty verbose thus far, I’ll skimp on the details here, yeah. Tho one thing, Chinami ended up pulling out her iPhone, showing it to us and explaining the cute design on the case and such.

Ah, what a great experience. Lucky~

My friend and I said bye to Berryz and then went ourselves to checkout. As we left the store, we noticed Berryz outside going in the direction we had planned on going. In an effort to not follow them, we took an alternate route thinking they’d possibly be gone or inside a store by the time we circle around. As we were now coming up the street, we’d pass the Chocolate Box, where Berryz were inside. We wanted to go in, but wanted to wait until Berryz were finished doing their thing. Anyway, not too long after that, Berryz went off to Starbucks and we continued to shop around for a bit before heading back for dinner.

A nifty little side story to cap off the experience with Berryz in Seattle. The entire trip has been more than awesome.

Until we meet again, Berryz Koubou.

9 Responses to “Seattle Side-Story
Berryz and a Lucky Penny”

  1. zush says:

    You know, your life's seem to be more and more like a fairy tale. I guess nothing can surprise me anymore when it comes to you and berries.

    • solo-kun says:

      I’m sure I’ve said it before in one way or another, but Japanese music, Berryz et al has literally changed my life. The fairy tale could end today and I would leave it more than satisfied.

  2. solo-kun says:

    Indeed, very lucky; and the gift you got for Chii, that was such a good idea! Lucky, lucky~

    I’ll let you know about May as soon as I can! :D

  3. solo-kun says:

    Thanks, yeah. I’m still smiling :D

  4. Rebecca says:

    You know… you're probably leading one of the most charmed lives that a H!P fan can lead. It's amazing!

    Thank you for being so kind at Sakura-con!

    • solo-kun says:

      I feel so very fortunate for the experiences I’ve had over the past years as a H!P fan. Not just for being able to see Berryz &c, but for all the people I’ve met along the way.

      It was nice to meet and talk with you. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself so much. :)

  5. Well, this is a great story, and I see you have lots of other great stories, too! Too bad I didn't meet you at Sakura-Con, although we were in the same places, of course. (In fact, that was my Guest Reception video you included in your post!) I wonder if I might've been right behind you at the concert… how tall are you? Were you in the center, about 5 or 6 rows back, and did you and your friend have backpacks? If that was you… I'm sorry for grazing your head with my glowsticks a couple of times! ;-D

    • solo-kun says:

      My blog does seem to be filled with stories, yeah. Thanks.

      I’m 6 ft tall. I was in the front row of the concert, directly in the center. My friend and I did have our bags with us, hmm. Perhaps our paths will cross some time in the future. :D

      And thanks for the video; I didn’t really take that many pictures and videos of the whole thing, but watching others’ keeps the memory fresh.

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