Cake Day 4.0

Moo! Moo! Moo! Moo! Moo!

Excuse me, what?

Are You A Cow?

Ah, well, it’s a question I had been asking myself for the longest time. I mean, when you’re first introduced to Japanese music, it is quite possible for some crazy questions to pop up in you head. And, you are what you eat, yeah? No matter, thanks to International Wota, I was able to find the answer! Oh, and I made a cake:

Angel Food Cow Cake

Angel Food Cow Cake

Happy 4th Anniversary International Wota. Thanks for the continued effort of bringing the international Asian music community together. Sharing peoples stories, opinions, musings and what have you; allowing people to connect with new and interesting peoples throughout the world, explore and discover new music and other interests. What you all do, I can say from my experience, is greatly appreciated.


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