Buono! Ranking

Buono! desu! *pokes cheeks* *drinks milk*. As with °C-ute, Buono! had just released a single around the time I first started getting into Japanese music. Also similarly, their first single, Honto no Jibun, didn’t really wow me. That’s where the similarities end however, everything since I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and given time, even Honto no Jibun has earned a spot. There’s really not a song of theirs that I don’t like, and a whole lot that I just love. There are a couple of reasons why Buono! didn’t make the top spot in my Wonderful Hearts listings. But I’ll just leave that alone by saying “Berryz.”



Group together the best voices of the Kids along with some interesting personalities and you get the awesomeness that is Buono! And don’t forget the rockish aura. Buono!’s unique rock style on both the instrumental and somewhat in their clothing style is just great. It really adds an interesting dimension to the group while also giving them a grand stage presense.

Tied to the Shugo Chara anime, I’m wondering what their future holds. They’ve recently been pushed back a bit by Shugo Chara Egg!. Even so, that hasn’t affected their music, so I hope to see them stick around.

Favorite Songs

Rottara Rottara

Other Favorites (Singles)


Honorable Mentions

Minna Daisuki
Gachinko de Ikou!
Lady Panther

The Girls



1. Momoko

I’ve said before, there’s always one of them in a group. This time, it’s Momo who takes the ““I know you think I’m cute and I know I’m cute” role. In this case however, she’s won me over, yeah, she’s kinda cute. In Renai♥Rider she’s riding the little tricycle, while the others are on their nifty motorcycles. Also in Renai♥Rider, she’s go that little solo with the ukulele, awesomely cute. Then in Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! again with the kiddy stuff, she gets stuck reading a baby book, while the others are reading, uh, real books. I was apprehensive about being trapped by this little cuteness trick they were pulling, but in the end, I’ve fallen for it. The little Leader of Buono! has earned her position. Her drumming thing in the band also seems to fit. I get the picture of a spoiled brat who likes to smash and bang on stuff until she gets her way, totally fits.



2. Airi

Cute Airi is cute. Initially she felt a little out of place when interacting with the two Berryz members, was kind of weird at times. It didn’t take long for everything to click however, and now she just seems like one of the team. In Buono! as in °C-ute, Airi is really able to flex her idol muscle, by not only being a great singer, but being generally good or otherwise entertaining at whatever she’s doing.



3. Miyabi

So, Buono! is made up of two little girls and this woman. Woman, indeed. Even when acting childish and playful, she’s still got this air of womanness. Or, she’s motherly or something, haha. Because of that, she is fairly distinct in her mannerisms. It’s always fun to see how she’ll react in certain situations. Anyway, glad to have her here, Buono! wouldn’t be the same with any other combination of Kids.

6 Responses to “Buono! Ranking”

  1. Rad says:

    Buono! is a superb young trio.

  2. ShadowfaxSTF says:

    I alas have fallen into the Buono marketing trap as well.

    Don't misunderstand me… I'm not complaining. :D

    Probably the most adorable looking group I've ever seen, and the music's good too! Renei Rider and Rottara Rottara will be in my favorites forever. If only my heavy metal friends could see me now… o_O

  3. jimena says:

    Well my favorite is momoko.
    In second place is airi.
    And in third is miyabi.
    And i realy like this band im a fan of them.