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Three of four in the Wonderful Hearts line up, °C-ute’s got an interesting discography that is quite enjoyable. I had just gotten into Hello! Project around the time that Tokaikko Junjou was released. The song was supposedly a cool, revolutionary-ish style for the group, one which didn’t really catch me. Followed up with LALALA and their third album, I’d say they were a bit of a disappointment, especially after high expectations from when they won the Best New Artist award.



All that said, I actually like most of their stuff, I just feel it’s nothing to get too enthused over. It’s a case tho, of enjoying their earlier releases more so than their more recent. Sakura Chirari was one of the first singles I picked up from then, followed a bit later by Ooki na Ai de Motenashite and Massara Blue Jeans. Sakura Chirari is a fairly simple song, and the video isn’t too complex either, but as I’m a simple guy, it’s one of my favorites. To this point, I’ve grabbed all of their discography from iTunes and will continue to follow them somewhat closely. What can I say, I love the Kids.

It wasn’t until after the Berryz Kamen vs Cutie Ranger concert that I really started looking into the members themselves, rather than just the music. The little Ranger skits and other promo materials were great. With Berikyuu and Yorosen, they got even more exposure and I’ve been able to pick out a few favorites based on personalities and such. I’ve not bought a lot of °C-ute merchandise outside of a couple of photosets and a poster. I don’t see that changing much, but for the joint concerts and other group events, I’ll keep an eye out.

Favorite Songs

Darling I LOVE YOU (°C-ute ver.)
One’s LIFE

Other Favorites (Singles)

Sakura Chirari

Honorable Mentions

Bokura no Kagayaki

The Girls



1. Airi

Okay, firstly, I’ll admit that I was passingly influenced by a certain someone to bump her up to the number one spot. But reflecting on it, she deserves to be there. One big reason, is because of her voice. Arguably, she has the best voice in °C-ute, she just sounds great no matter what she’s singing. I was a little bit underwhelmed by her solo song, Yes! all my family, on their latest album. Just a little. Whatever, Airi is Airi so it’s alright. She has the potential to go solo, but I don’t know, I’d rather she not be spread out too much if that makes sense.

Oh, but that’s not all. She’s got that golf thingy of hers. And she’s got great drawing skills. And she’s got, other stuff… It doesn’t hurt that she’s super cute too, mussed up teeth and all. Airi overall seems like she’d be a fun person to hang around with, you know?



2. Maimi

Leader and a scatterbrain, all the while pulling off a big sister kind of role. She seems really mature when she needs to be, but also knows how to be laid back and play dumb when appropriate. She’s got a deepish voice, which stands out of all the members of °C-ute, which I quite like. She’s also got a unique appearance, an adult and womanly charm of sorts. I first took notice of her at the time she released that duet with Abe Natsume, 16sai no Koi Nante, back in early 2008. Loved the song, and gained a greater appreciation for both Maimi and Abe. It was a great pairing. Next up, she appeared in High-King. This really allowed her to showcase her dancing skill, she’s got some great moves.



3. Erika

She does seem loud and obnoxious a lot of the time. Perhaps that’s why I like her tho? I’m not completely sure. I do enjoy her Tension Ageko persona and other acts she puts on, but too much can be a tad annoying. Erika is the oldest of all the Kids, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem that way. She kind of reminds me of a mouse or some other rodent, haha, but she’s cute, lol. That nose, those lil bucked teeth. She’s really changed since her ZYX days anyway.



4. Kanna

Leader of the Cutie Rangers, decked out in red. Kanna was an Egg, the only one in the Kids groups who’s not actually one of the Kids. That doesn’t take anything away from her tho. [insert lesbian joke here]. Her, um, overaffectionism is kinda cute at times. There’s nothing remarkable about her, but she is fun to watch. I hope her hiatus from the group doesn’t last too long.



5. Chisa

Chisato was higher on my list at one point, but she ruined it by being a bad sport after loosing the Berryz vs °C-ute bowling game. Haha, I have to say, it feels kind of funny for demoting her for something like that. That aside, she’s an interesting character. Another one with a pretty good voice, and cute as well. She’s got that tomboyish appeal, but she can also pull off a variety of other looks as well.



6. Maimai

What a cutie, and the youngest of all the Kids. I like her voice also. In One’s LIFE, I really enjoyed her solo lines. With that out of the way, she has that “I know you think I’m cute and I know I’m cute” vibe. There’s always one of them it seems.



7. Saki

In the case of °C-ute, being last isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just means I like the other members more, by whatever tiny margin. Saki is one of the better movers and shakers in the group, as evidenced by her dance off with Captain of Berryz . That was a great one.

10 Responses to “°C-ute Ranking”

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  2. Siggy says:

    dance off, where??

  3. Momo-chan says:

    I don't like Maimi's voice…But of course Airi is the best singer of C-ute (and of all H!P kids…I'll always remember her audition…). I love Erika so I'm happy to see she's the third on your list. It would be great to see Tsunku giving her more lines and opportunities…

  4. solo-kun says:

    I don't think there is a voice in °C-ute that I don't like. I've not gone over them with a fine toothed comb, but generally speaking, I like em all.

    Erika was for a while, until recently, my number one. It was a little tough ranking the top 3, but after thinking it over a bit, I'm happy with how they all fell in line.

  5. MAHA says:


  6. Oak says:

    I'm dissapointed Mai Hagiwara wasn't higher. I'm also a fan of Chisato Oki But Airi is really good, but even better in buono, haha.

    • solo-kun says:

      It was somewhat hard for me to rank them, C-ute is an overall well rounded group. I think both Chisa and Mai have both improved over the year since I've written this up.

  7. H-kun says:

    Aah… Airi is my first too and Saki 2nd. Well anyways, you mentioned above about a bowling game (Chisato). Would you mind if you tell me where did you watch it? I mean is it Berikyuu! or DVD etc. I would love you or someone else reply.

    Thanks in advance !