Wota Wonderings 2

I love you. Did you say you loved me? Tell me if you love me.
You won’t say it. You won’t say it to me? I want you to say it!
Please love me as much as 100 jokes!

All you need is love!

I challenge you to find the best example of idol love. Showcase this “love” as your post for Wota Wonderings #2.

That first little bit of nagaliciousness was brought to you in part by Berryz Koubou’s Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai. The song that introduced me to Berryz, and remains one of my favorites to this day.

My original plan to sing a few love songs has failed. And well, this is by no means the best example of idol love, but it is my love, and it’s all I could come up with with all of life’s other goings on. If I had the time, perhaps I could learn a few dances. Oh what fun that could have been. In the end, I’ve decided to string together a few hiaku to show my “love” and support for Berryz Koubou.


Tokunaga Chinami

beautiful smile
with presence full of laughter
brightens up my day


Sudou Maasa

powerful figure
hidden behind a red mask
strong and supportive


Shimizu Saki

leading the workshop
awash with pop and vigor
captain, job well done


Tsugunaga Momoko

playfully, a true
idol personality
to be commended


Natsuyaki Miyabi

an alluring voice
both solo and in chorus
an asset to all


Kumai Yurina

a central pillar
to prop the main and minor
towering splendor


Sugaya Risako

pushed to the limit
a flower ready to bloom
all hope for the best

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  2. johpan says:

    Have I ever told you about how much I love haikus? Each of them were awesome :D Thanks for this ^_^!