Nakagawa Shouko – Magic Time

Magic Time

Magic Time

So many releases coming through to start up 2009, and Shokotan kicks it off right. Her second album, Magic Time, was released on January 1, 2009 and features seven new tracks and [another] Sorairo Days remix.

She continues to come up with more rockish sounding songs, which I really enjoy. While at the same time, she’s still keeping true to the poppy stuff her long time fans will like. Perhaps there’s not really distinction anymore, but I have read some reviewers who don’t like this shift, whereas others just don’t care for the happy go lucky stuff.

Of the new songs, Spiral and Ivy were the tops for me. Spiral has a nice mix of guitar and pop. It feels as if could have been used as an anime opening, game theme song or the like, which Shokotan is somewhat known for. Ivy features a do wop type of swing that transitions in a nifty kazoo tune at the end. It’s just fun without being overly so.

The Sariro Days mix isn’t anything special this time around. Where the last mix was a totally redone with 8 bit goodness, this one seems a to be a step back from the original. It’s kind of a mix of Tsuzuku Sekai and Sorairo, but it’s just lacking energy and variety on the instrumental side or something. That said, it doesn’t detract from the general quality of the album and is one of the better tracks included.

Overall I really liked the album and am definitely looking forward to following Shokotan this year. That’s both in the musical sense, and in whatever modeling, acting and other promotional spots she has lined up. She always seems to have something interesting going on.

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  1. Rocky says:

    I've heard Shokotan somewhere before…Definitely going to give this a listen when I get back from school. >_<